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Find technicians and service jobs anytime, anywhere, every device.


Can choose the date and time as you convenient


Every technician or service provider With ratings from real users


There are many technicians for you to choose to use the service according to satisfaction.


There is no service charge, no added plus, users can feel comfortable that The technician will not add any additional service fees.


Confirming personal information that can be tracked by technicians and safely

With various home care and maintenance problems
Fixzy therefore offers services that meet your needs.
Water system
Care covers water pump problems, sanitary ware, water pipes, water systems and clogging problems of water systems.
Electrical system
Manage the lamp, power cord, power plug, power switch, return to be ready to use safely.
Electric appliance
To help take care of the electrical equipment in your home to be able to use it effectively
Improve your home equipment to be as beautiful as you want.
Maintenance and Service
Make improvements and maintain cleanliness in your home or office is easier.
Other services
Other services that help to customize the condo house Garden and many more in the way you want.
Real customer talk about us

Palida Hongkraang
Job : Furniture
For me when looking for a technician, I don't know where to find them. FIXZY made the search more convenient. Saw the look of the mechanic before we felt that it was reliable And give advice as well
Location: Lat Krabang

Job : Structure
At that time, the door had problems can't open the room. So i try using the Fixzy app. It turns out that there is a contact technician coming back within 3 hours. It is considered very fast. Because I do not have time to search in the internet.
Location: Phayathai

Job : housekeeper, lighting system and others
Used Fixzy many times. Very satisfied. 5 stars. The mechanic is really good. It works fast. Good responsibility. Excellent. Now recommend to relatives. Use with
Location: Samut Prakan
We select quality and reliable services.
To help manage problems instead of you
Fixzy Recommended
To show that the technician has a good work history, is a mechanic that recommended by Fixzy
ID Card Verified
The technician sent the identity document to Fixzy completely.
Police Verified
The technician passed a criminal background check from the Royal Thai Police.
Home Care Insurance
In order to show that the technician has insurance money for the damage caused by the service, up to 3,000 baht
If you are a mechanic Or home service provider

     We have both big jobs for professional technicians such as structural work, roofing, flooring, etc. and a few simple tasks for those who are able to repair. Interested in helping users to solve various fussy problems such as hanging punches Change the shower hose, sync the water, change the faucet. And much more


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